Ashby (2015)


Seventeen-year-old is the new kid in a school that’s devoted to football above all else. When he’s assigned to write an essay about an older person of his choosing, he goes to his neighbour Ashby for help. Ashby agrees to let Ed interview him on one condition: Ed must drive him around town. Recently, Ashby’s been diagnosed with a medical condition that prevents him from driving himself, and unbeknownst to Ed, he’s not long for this world. Also unbeknownst to Ed, Ashby is an ex-CIA assassin. Ed’s determination to get a good grade on his essay inspires a tough study of Ashby’s life and his “cover” as a paper goods salesman leading to some self-reflection from Ashby.   When he discovers that his handlers had him kill an innocent man for their financial benefit, determined to set things right before he dies, Ashby sets out to kill his former handlers, with Ed as his unknowing getaway driver.

The first kill goes off smoothly, with Ashby mentoring Ed as they go on their frequent drives. Under Ashby’s wing, Ed develops the courage to join the football team and stand up for what he believes in. Ed gains so much courage, in fact, that he’s willing to stand up to his teammates in defense of Eloise, his quirky crush, his mother, JUNE, and her awful ability in picking suitors–and he’s willing to stand up to Ashby, too. When Ed stumbles upon Ashby’s second killing, he quits being his mentor’s driver. Impressed by Ed’s spine, Ashby promises him not to make his third and last kill. Instead, he quietly goes to his death at the hands of current CIA assassins, and leaves his car to Ed in his will.

Original title: Ashby
Director: Tony McNamara
Cast: Mickey Rourke, Nat Wolff, Emma Roberts, Sarah Silverman
Production year: 2015
Genre: , ,
Runtime: 1h, 30m
Cinema release:



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