Dare To Be Wild (2017)


Wild is the story of one woman who sowed the seed of change… It tells the extraordinary and uplifting true story of Irishwoman Mary Reynold’s journey from rank outsider to winner of a Gold Medal at the Chelsea Flower Show. Mary grew up with a strong affinity to the environment and a belief that somehow it was her destiny to use her talent as a designer to put environmental issues centre stage. Wild follows her journey from naive and impressionable ingenue to a impassioned and pioneering deisgner. Along the way, she gathers a team of eccentric and unconventional artisans whom she believes fully understand her vision and the are only ones who have the ability to execute her plan for a wild garden at the Chelsea Flower Show. As this rag tag and bobtail crew begin their work in the intensively competitive but uniquely conservative and establishment atmosphere of Cheslea, the other competitors are amused at their methods and sneer at her crew of ‘hippies’. Soon however they realise that unconventional does not mean uncompetitive, and are forced to reassess their view when ultimately she triumphs and takes the top prize.

Original title: Dare To Be Wild
Director: Vivienne De Courcy
Cast: Emma Greenwell, Tom Hughes, Alex Macqueen
Production year: 2014
Genre: , ,
Runtime: 1h, 40min
Cinema release:



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