Dead Of Winter (2015)


In the rugged wilderness of Colorado, teams compete in an extreme Geocache treasure hunt. It’s all fun and games until they discover the real game is someone hunting them.
Foreboding clues take then up mountains and across stream and just as quickly, into some barbarous kills. Suspicions surface, tempers flare and the body count rises. One by one, they are getting picked off. They have to band together or die alone.

Some survive long enough to make it to a deserted cabin in the woods. They sit around a fire and indulge in some desperately needed food and comfort. Then all hell breaks loose. This is not no B and B, it’s a sadistic trap. A fire erupts but it’s just a diversion to what the killer really wants. A girl is dragged away leading the remaining players to try and save her. They engage in a deadly game of cat and mouse as they slowly try to unravel the riddles and true horror of the deadly game they have been thrust into. Which leads to a climactic showdown where they discover each of them are connected to a tragic event from their past in a way they could not possibly have known.

Original title: Dead Of Winter
Director: Robert Rice
Cast: Dave Barclay, John Boylan, John Carew, Allison Dawn Doiron
Production year: 2014
Genre: ,
Runtime: 1h, 31m
Cinema release:



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