Franklyn (2008)


Jonathan Preest is the feared vigilante of Meanwhile City, a futuristic world where religion is the law. Preest, the only atheist in town, stands against society and is wanted by The Clerics, Meanwhile City’s police force. Betrayed by the informer Wormsnakes, Preest is arrested after a fierce gun battle. Left to rot in prison, Preest can only think about the death of his last client, a young girl, at the hands of his nemesis, The Individual. He vows revenge. In present day London we meet Emilia, a privileged and beautiful young woman. Forced to endure family therapy with a mother she despises, Emilia has become cynical and depressed. She lives in bohemian chic squalor and films her arranged “suicide” attempts for her art degree. We also meet Milo, a handsome young professional who has just been dumped at the altar. One morning, Milo thinks he spots his old childhood friend Sally on the tube. Desperate, he tracks her down to their old school where Sally now teaches. Milo’s sense of romance is reawakened, and they agree to meet for dinner. But then Milo’s mother explains that Sally was actually Milo’s imaginary friend when he was younger. Another interesting thing about Sally is that she looks exactly like Emilia.

Original title: Franklyn
Director: Gerald McMorrow
Cast: Eva Green, Ryan Phillippe, Sam Riley, Bernard Hill, James Faulkner
Production year: 2008
Genre: , , ,
Runtime: 1h, 38m
Cinema release:



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