Genova (2008)


In present day Boston, loving mother Marianne is killed in a car crash whilst driving with her two daughters, 16 year-old Kelly and 11 year-old Mary. Their English father Joe (Colin Firth), looking for a fresh start for his grief-stricken family, accepts a teaching position in Italy and they travel to the exotic city of Genova just in time for a long, hot summer. The family’s guide to this bewildering new world is Barbara, an old university friend of Joe’s who may still have feelings for him. Joe settles into his post, teaching English to a group of Italian women, amongst them the carefree and attractive Rosa. Surrounded by beautiful women and the hint of new love, Joe sets about rebuilding his life. The girls, with an empty summer to fill before school, start to explore their new home. Kelly especially is thrilled to discover that Italian boys are everything she’s dreamed of. The morning piano lessons become a cover for Kelly to smoke dope and have sex. Mary, however, has started to see her mother, wandering the streets of Genova. Mary has a dark secret to hide about her mother’s death and Kelly knows what it is. She uses this to blackmail Mary into silence regarding her sexual escapades. All the while, Mary continues to see her Mother. Does her mother really exist as a ghost? Or is Mary going mad with grief and guilt? In a gripping finale, Mary’s life is in danger and the rest of the family can only hope that Marianne’s ghostly spirit is a force for good. Acclaimed filmmaker Michael Winterbottom directs a poignant and hopeful tale of love and forgiveness.

Original title: Genova
Director: Michael Winterbottom
Cast: Colin Firth, Catherine Keener, Willa Holland, Perla Haney-Jardine, Hope Davis,
Production year: 2008
Genre: , ,
Runtime: 1h, 33m
Cinema release:



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