The Marc Pease Experience (2008)


Almost a decade after graduating from high school, 26-year-old Marc Pease is dating Meg, a student at his alma mater, and driving a limo while pursuing his dream of musical fame and fortune.  He still performs with Meridian 8, an a capella singing group formed in high school that is now down to four members – and counting.  Passionately devoted to the music at which he excelled during his glory days, Marc has convinced his friends they are on the cusp of success.

In order to bankroll a demo recording for the group, Marc is selling the condominium his grandmother left him.  He is depending on the man he thinks of as his mentor, Jon Gribble, his former musical theater teacher, to produce the demo and pass it along to his contacts in the music business.  Gribble is the kind of teacher that students adore – cool, energetic and a bit of a kid himself. 

But Gribble is too busy preparing for opening night of the school’s annual musical, a production of ‘The Wiz’.  When Marc attempts to contact Gribble to share the news of the demo, he inadvertently discovers a side to his former teacher he never suspected.

Original title: The Marc Pease Experience
Director: Todd Louiso
Cast: Jason Schwartzman, Ben Stiller, Anna Kendrick, Jay Paulson
Production year: 2008
Genre: , ,
Runtime: 1h ,20m
Cinema release:



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