Meet Bill (2007)


Bill Thompson has the distinct misfortune of feeling like he’s from a totally different planet whenever he’s anywhere near his wife’s family. The good news is that his spouse, Jessica Jacoby, is quite the babe, but the bad news is that her father and brother, John Sr. and John Jr. who own and run the successful, family-owned Minnesota bank where Bill works, seem just as All-American Waspy perfect as she is. Bill, not comfortable in his own skin, has terrible hair, a bit of a paunch and real self-esteem problems, and this is made perfectly clear by all the chocolate that he consumes when nervous. As they all get together for the commemoration of a new private high school chapel fully donated by the Jacoby clan, Bill, standing apart from his in-laws, gets roped into volunteering for a new mentoring program with one of the current students. Bill, along with the Jacoby men, graduated from this school, and, although he thinks today’s students aren’t all that different from those of past generations, he soon has good reason to revise that opinion.


Original title: Meet Bill
Director: Bernie Goldmann
Cast: Aaron Eckhart, Jessica Alba, Elizabeth Banks, Logan Lerman, Holmes Osborne, Timothy Olyphant, Kristen Wiig
Production year: 2007
Genre: ,
Runtime: 1h, 33m
Cinema release:



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