The Night Crew (2015)


Sexy, sad, and scary, Mae is on the run in Mexico from cartel boss Eduardo Aguilar. He wants her dead, and just as his men track her down, four hard-up bounty hunters swoop in with guns blazing and steal her away. Wade, Crenshaw, their smart-mouth sidekick Ronnie, and Rose, a gorgeous Latin girl, are tough as they come. And within this roughneck lifestyle we find a relationship at its breaking point. Crenshaw and Rose struggle to keep it all together. They reluctantly decide to give it one more chance, for one more job. But Rose has had enough. She’s hiding her own secret – she’s pregnant. The bounty hunters hole up at a remote hotel south of the border, and the entire place comes under siege by a band of drug runners on the payroll of Aguilar. He orders them to turn the motel into a slaughterhouse until they bring him Mae’s head on a plate. Now, Mae and the bounty hunters must form an uneasy alliance and fight through the night against the gang of ruthless killers as Crenshaw, Wade and Rose traverse their own personal love triangle. And the once heartless Mae finally finds herself connecting to her would-be captors as they risk everything for one another in the face of discord and certain death.

Original title: The Night Crew
Director: Christian Sesma
Cast: Danny Trejo, Luke Goss, Jason Mewes, Bokeem Woodbine , Chasty Ballesteros, Paul Sloan, Luciana Faulhaber
Production year: 2015
Genre: ,
Runtime: 1h, 29m
Cinema release:



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